LiteSide Festival announces this years’ theme

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During this sixth edition LiteSide not only seeks the dialog between east and west, but will not avoid confrontation. In earlier years the festival mainly focused on the similarities and common grounds between cultures, and the positive aspects of the multicultural society. In the light of the Arabic spring, the financial crisis and the developments in both the Dutch and international politics, this year LiteSide will present creative and meaningful works that deal with religious, political and social issues. LiteSide 2011 comes with a bite, is critical and contemporary, but also offers perspective, inspiration and a lot of fun and amusement. Or in other words: LiteSide goes heavy. LiteSide festival opens on Friday August 19 at 5 pm. On Saturday and Sunday the festival starts at 2 pm. Every night the festival closes with a global meet, greet & dance party with the most popular dj’s of the Amsterdam club scene. The complete LiteSide program will be available from mid July. The online presale will start at the same time. Leading up to the announcement of the program, the multilingual website will offer sneak previews in word, pictures and videos on a regular basis.

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LiteSide Festival very much appreciates your editorial interest. For more information and requests for photos, interviews and press tickets, please contact Ms Gigi Schuiten, publicity & marketing manager by mobile phone: + 31 (0)6-16514431 or by e-mail: We also are happy to accommodate your photo- and/or TV shoots or cooperate with you regarding special reader features, discounts and contests around our festival. LiteSide also offers possibilities to market your magazine or product live at the daily bazaar at our festival, or with an advertisement in our program magazine (A4, 20.000 copies, distribution in Amsterdam, also available for digital download) Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. Kind regards,
On behalf of the LiteSide festival,Gigi Schuiten Publicity & marketing manager

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